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The importance of good nutrition at any age

Nutrition is a complex and fast science in development. Nutrition is science that addresses all the factors that are composed of food and how an appropriate diet is caused. Nutrition is part of the health responsibility of each family. Nutrition is the process by which we undertake and use food and supplements for health, growth and energy.


The national obsession with a healthy diet (or at least to talk about a healthy diet) translates into a booming business for companies that food restaurants and processors are turning to nutritional analyzes of their products.

Nutritional management, in the form of a specially designed meal plan for you, will help you maintain blood glucose levels as close as possible and maintain or lose weight. Nutritional therapists play more and more a leading role in helping people with their well-being. Nutritional therapists use the latest developments in nutritional thinking and technology to achieve this. And optimal nutritional status is a prerequisite for optimal health. Against a bad nutritional background, even exercise can be a stressor, impoverish minerals, B vitamins and antioxidants that are not replaced

Body and age

After the age of fifty, many metabolic and physiological changes affect the nutritional needs of a person. There is a wide range of reasons why seniors may not eat the most nutritious diet, which is all the more reason why healthcare professionals and health care providers need to be constantly aware the need to maintain optimal nutritional health in the elderly. Advice on the Nutrition of the Elderly should be designed to meet the physiological, psychological, social and economic capacities of the individual while ensuring that general nutritional needs are satisfied with the freedom to maintain meals and eating an important aspect. quality of life during the last years.

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