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Save money on your hip replacement surgery? This is how!

Interested in having your hip replacement surgery done abroad? There’s plenty of reasons as to why medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular: reduced waiting times, higher quality of care and significantly lower costs. If you want the same type of treatment, meaning short waiting times, personal care and a specialist surgeon, you’ll have to look into private clinics if you’re staying in the U.K., and it’ll cost you around £15,000 to get your surgery. Meanwhile, you can get the same type of treatment abroad for just a fraction of the price: surgeries abroad start at £5,950.

Save yourself time on your hip replacement

One of the main reasons why Brits tend to go abroad for their surgery is pretty straightforward: you save yourself a lot of time. Waiting lists for surgeries in the U.K. have been gradually becoming so long that the NHS has been unable to consistently enforce the maximum waiting time for surgeries in England. This 18-week target, where patients are supposed to be helped with their medical issues within 18 weeks, has already been scrapped for many non-life threatening surgeries, including a hip replacement. This results in patients having to wait months and months on end to receive medical help.

Getting your hip replacement done abroad means little to no waiting times. Often, you’ll find you’ll be able to have your surgery done within a matter of weeks when opting to travel abroad.

No need to be concerned about quality: hip replacements are just as good (if not better) abroad

Having concerns about the safety or quality of your hip replacement? No need to worry, because the quality of this surgery is similar across Europe. Actually, you may find that some surgeons abroad are true specialists in their field and have years of experience carrying out a certain procedure.

Recovering after a hip replacement 

While a hip replacement is a pretty invasive surgery, the recovery period is relatively short in comparison. While you may need 2 to 3 months time to fully recover and regain your flexibility and strength, most patients are able to walk on the same day they’ve had their surgery. Moreover, all patients stay in the hospital for just a day, and some are able to return home just a couple of days after having their surgery carried out.

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