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Ayurvedic treatments – five powerful treatments in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatments originate in Indian culture and have been practiced worldwide as a form of alternative medicine. Although it has been influenced in Western medicine, those who have added medicine and Ayurvedic treatments to their arsenal concern it as a free treatment that is not intended to replace treatments that a patient currently receives diseases and Diseases. Several interpretations of Ayurvedic healing techniques have been used around the world to complement existing therapy or program and a better life of the recipient.

Ayurvedic treatments

These treatments emphasize the importance of herbal medicines and sometimes products of animal origin. These treatments include a wide variety of herbs, oils and herbal pasta used by being ingested or being applied to different parts of the body.

Revitalizing therapeutic treatments are used in several atmospheres, including spas, health clubs and holistic healing institutions. At each of these places, therapists will customize the treatment to meet the specific needs of each patient and provide an optimal balance and diet for the recipient’s mind and body. All Ayurvedic treatments and therapies promote the natural, sweet and pleasant properties of your life. The treatments vary from Pizichilli, Udvartna, Gandharva, Shirodhara, MARM and many more. These all promote a different aspect of emotional well-being, physical healing or spiritual awakening depending on the need and the customer.


The Massage of Pizichilli Ayurvedic is only one of the many treatments offered by therapists in Western society. This specific treatment is designed to purify and rejuvenate the body with streams feeding oils made from hot and smoothed plants in the body in the form of a massage. Although experience gives you refreshing and relaxed, the ultimate goal of this therapy is to improve traffic throughout the body and reduce toxins.

2) Udvartna treatment for lymphatic target

Udvartna therapy exfoliates the skin and stimulates muscles of the entire human body to improve blood flow and traffic. With the use of ayurvedic remedies and medicines, including herbal pasta and oils, two therapists will perform techniques that will reduce fluid retention and lymphatic system for illumination. This reduction of fluids will leave your feeling less heavy and with new energy.

3) Gandharva Therapy

This category of Ayurvedic treatments is the most harmonic of the group and targets tranquility in mind and body with sound therapy. By targeting the energy of your mind and your body, crystal singing bowls awaken the vitality and happiness of the patient. Although there is no affected or ayurvedic medicine associated with this treatment, you will really appreciate the way in which the shape of this form of sound can be effective for the restoration of health and a deep feeling of well-being.

4) Shirodhara treatment for the central nervous system

Of all Ayurvedic treatments, Shirodhara therapy is designed to induce deep meditative condition. During this relaxation session, your therapist systematically will systematically poupe hot oils on your forehead targeting the intuitive energy center of the body. By soothing the sixth chakra area through frequent sessions, you will become a more creative and intuitive person.

5) Marma junctions

This Ayurvedic treatment embodies the intersection point between your body, your emotions and your mind. With the use of ayurvedic remedies and oils specific to this junction, the therapist will perform circular keys that will stimulate specific points in the human body for energy, restoration and rejuvenation. These movements will awaken your inside healing system, yielding a deep feeling of well-being.

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